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Nexia VC is a digital signal processor with 8 wide-band AEC mic/line inputs, 2 standard mic/line inputs, 4
mic/line outputs, and a codec interface. Intended for a variety of videoconferencing applications, Nexia VC
uses Biamp’s Sona™ AEC technology for more natural sound and full-duplex transmission of speech. Nexia
VC includes a broad selection of audio components, routing options, and signal processing. The internal
system design is completely user definable via PC software, and can be controlled via daVinci™ software
screens, RS-232 control systems, and a variety of optional remote controls. Multi-unit Nexia systems can be
created utilizing Ethernet and NexLink digital audio linking.
• 8 wide-band AEC balanced mic/line inputs
• 2 standard balanced mic/line inputs
• 4 balanced mic/line outputs
• Codec interface with balanced line input & output
• Ethernet port for software configuration/control
• Serial port for third-party RS-232 remote control
• NexLink ports for multi-unit system designs
• Nexia software for Windows®
• Pre-configured I/O with definable processing
• Ability to select, view, and calibrate:
o Mixers: standard, automatic, matrix, combiners
o Equalizers: graphic parametric, feedback
o Filters: HPF, LPF, high shelf, low shelf, all-pass
o Crossovers: 2-Way, 3-Way and 4-Way
o Dynamics: leveler, comp/limiter, ducker, ANC
o Routers: 2x1 ~ 32x32
o Delays: 0 ~ 2000ms
o Controls: levels, presets, logic, RS-232, etc.
o Meters: signal present, peak, RMS
o Generators: tone, pink-noise, white-noise
o Diagnostics: transfer function
• CE marked, UL listed and RoHS compliant
• Covered by Biamp Systems’ 5-year warranty
A: 9300 S.W. Gemini Drive Beaverton, OR 97008 USA
T: +1 503.641.7287
W: www.biamp.com
The videoconference DSP shall provide eight wide-band Sona™ AEC balanced mic/line inputs, two standard balanced
mic/line inputs, four balanced mic/line outputs, and codec audio input/output on plug-in barrier-strip connectors.
Inputs and outputs shall be analog, with internal 24-bit A/D & D/A converters operating at a sample rate of 48kHz.
All internal processing shall be digital (DSP). NexLink connections shall allow sharing of digital audio within multiunit systems. Software shall be provided for creating/connecting DSP system components within each hardware
unit. Available system components shall include (but not be limited to) various forms of: mixers, equalizers, filters,
crossovers, dynamics/gain controls, routers, delays, remote controls, meters, generators, and diagnostics. Ethernet
communications shall be utilized for software control and configuration. After initial programming, processors may
be controlled via dedicated software screens, third-party RS-232 control systems, and/or optional remote control
devices. Software shall operate on a PC computer, with network card installed, running Windows®. The videoconference
DSP shall be CE marked, UL listed, and shall be compliant with the RoHS directive. Warranty shall be five years. The
videoconference DSP shall be Nexia VC.
Frequency Response
(20Hz~20kHz @ +4dBu): +0/-0.4dB
Phantom Power: 
THD+N (20Hz~20kHz @ +4dBu):
Line level:
Mic level:
Cross Talk (channel to channel @ 1kHz):
Line level:
Mic level:
< 0.006%
< 0.05%
EIN (20Hz~20kHz, 66dB Gain, 150Ω): 
Dynamic Range (20Hz~20kHz, 0dB):
> 105dB
Tail Length:
up to 300ms
up to 100dB/sec
Input Impedance (balanced):
Mic/Line Inputs:
Maximum Input:
Input Gain Range (variable):
Mic/Line Inputs:
0 - 66dB
0 - 18dB
Output Impedance (balanced):
+48 VDC
Power Consumption
(100~240VAC 50/60Hz):65W
Overall Dimensions:
1.75 inches (44 mm)
19.0 inches (483 mm)
11.2 inches (283 mm)
8.6 lbs (3.9 kg)
Sampling Rate: 
A/D - D/A Converters: