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“Brandon Bays takes her readers on a journey of astounding
-Deepak Chopra
“Any healing journey is a journey of love. Brandon serves as a
master guide on that journey and condenses the essence of it in
this seminal book. Each page is a reminder of where real healing
-be it of the mind, body, or spirit- occurs.”
-Catherine Ingram, author of Passionate Presence
“The Journey will inspire millions, not only those with
physical challenges in their lives but those seeking spiritual under
-Candace Pert, PhD, author of Molecules of Emotion
“Brandon Bays is a remarkable soul, and her story of healing
and reconciliation is a testament to the capabilities of human
beings. Read this book and be inspired to take your own journey
of healing!”
-Anthony Robbins, author of Awaken the Giant Within
and Unlimited Power
“Brandon’s inspiring story is proof of the healing power that
exists within every individual.”
-John Gray, author of Men Are from Mars, Women Are
from Venus
• 2•
Freedom Is
Living The Journey
The Journey for Kids
The Light in the Heart of Darkness
(With Kevin Billett)
The Journey
How to Heal Your Life and
Set Yourself Free
By Internationally Bestselling Author
Brandon Bays
Dear Reader,
The Journey is an experience. One that is different for everyone. It’s real. It’s changing people’s lives, and has done so for
over 20 years.
Yet, millions of people have yet to try it for themselves.
Which is why once you’ve finished reading this book (or as
soon as you are ready), I would love to extend a heartfelt invitation to you.
Join me or one of our presenters at one of the many live
events around the world, so you can experience for yourself
everything I’ve shared within these pages...
To really ‘get’ The Journey, from the inside out.
Where you’ll experience first hand the powerful healing tools
that for the past two decades have been changing people’s
lives for the better.
Just go to www.thejourney.com/book-bonus to download
your free bonuses and to find out more.
Brandon Bays
In gratitude to the healing grace pervading all of life.
May we all experience the magnificence of our own souls.
• 6•
Beloved Reader,
It has been 25 years since I healed from a basketball-sized tumor. The profoundly transformative and liberating healing work
that came out of that experience, and became known around the
world as The Journey MethodTM. In offering this new, condensed
version of my story and the evolution of the work it is my deepest
prayer that you get the latest, up-to-date insights and teaching.
Over the years as I worked with tens of thousands of people
around the world, I have seen what works and doesn’t work. So
Journeywork has organically evolved, deepened and expanded.
Over time, new aspects of the work developed. It became not
only become more user-friendly and refined, but more liberating,
more freeing.
The Journey MethodTM was not derived from any theory or
formula; it was born from many people’s direct living experience
of healing their lives: physically, emotionally, spiritually. And my
wish for you in reading this book is that not only are you inspired
by the stories here, but that you are also inspired, catalyzed to
begin your own life-healing Journey into the freedom and wholeness within.
It is my prayer that you come home to the love and peace that
is your own essence, your own soul. And that you not only use this
grace-inspired process work to heal your own life, but that you give
the work away to your loved ones to begin liberating their lives,
• 7•
helping them to discover and open into their divine potential.
Since the book was first written and became a bestseller, I
have been awed by how Journeywork seemed to catch fire wherever it travelled around the world. In the recent years, Journey
Intensives - our beginning workshops - will have been offered
in thirty-five countries, and my writing is now translated into
twenty-three languages - a number that is still growing.
Wherever I travel I experience that, no matter which country I am in, there is a deep longing to open into, to awaken to,
the divine potential, the greatness that exists within each of
us. There is in all of us a genuine thirst to heal our lives. We
want tools, methods and process work that will liberate us, free
up our lives. We long to bring healing and wholeness into our
everyday world. And we want results - lasting results.
Ultimately we want to take the lampshade off our own lights
and discover our own truth, find our own answers. We want to
live a guided, grace-filled authentic life, lived from the love that
is our essence.
And this book is designed to share with you the certainty that
such freedom is not only possible for you, it is your birthright, for