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SolidWorks 2014 – Applying a new drawing sheet
format to existing & future drawings
The Problem
Over time companies may find themselves needing to create new templates for drawings. This
can include changing exisiting drawings to the new template format. The question is, how do we
incorporate new drawing templates, to our existing & future drawings.
The Solution
1. Start by creating the new template. (.drwdot)
a. Be sure to create a second sheet if necessary.
Sheet 1 (one)
Sheet 2 (two)
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2. Save each sheet format (.slddrt). File > Save Sheet Format
Be sure to name each file appropriately.
3. Ensure future drawings will
pull the new template.
a. Open and edit
template file
b. Open Document
Properties >
Drawing Sheets
c. Check mark Use
different sheet
d. Navigate to sheet
format 2 (.slddrt)
e. Select OK
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f. Save and overwrite existing template file.
g. Navigate to Options > System Options > File Locations
i. Move template file (.drwdot) to this location (All new drawings will reference
this template)
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4. Change existing drawings to NEW template
a. Open existing drawing
b. Right Mouse
Button (RMB) on
the drawing and
choose Properties
c. In the Sheet
Properties dialog
box choose to
browse for new
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d. Browse to folder where sheet formats were saved. Choose GoE B size Sheet 1.slddrt
e. Choose Ok and verify that the sheet format has changed on the existing drawing. Be
sure to change the sheet format template for any additional sheets using the second
format created ex. (GoE B size Sheet 2.slddrt).
Follow step 4 (a-e) for all existing drawings that need their sheet format updated.
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