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ALPHA (incomplete) VERSION DATED: August 28, 2001
Database System Concepts
Fourth Edition
Abraham Silberschatz
Bell Laboratories
Henry F. Korth
Bell Laboratories
S. Sudarshan
Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
Copyright 2001
A. Silberschatz, H. Korth, and S. Sudarshan
Preface 1
Chapter 1
Exercises 4
Chapter 2
Entity Relationship Model
Exercises 9
Chapter 3
Relational Model
Exercises 30
Chapter 4
Exercises 42
Chapter 5
Other Relational Languages
Exercises 58
Chapter 6
Integrity and Security
Exercises 74
Chapter 7
Relational-Database Design
Exercises 84
Chapter 8
Object-Oriented Databases
Exercises 98
Chapter 9
Object-Relational Databases
Exercises 109
Chapter 10 XML
Exercises 119
Chapter 11
Storage and File Structure
Exercises 129
Chapter 12 Indexing and Hashing
Exercises 141
Chapter 13 Query Processing
Exercises 155
Chapter 14 Query Optimization
Exercises 166
Chapter 15 Transactions
Exercises 175
Chapter 16 Concurrency Control
Exercises 182
Chapter 17 Recovery System
Exercises 194
Chapter 18 Database System Architectures
Exercises 201
Chapter 19 Distributed Databases
Exercises 208
Chapter 20 Parallel Databases
Exercises 217
Chapter 21 Application Development and Administration
Exercises 225
Chapter 22 Advanced Querying and Information Retrieval
Exercises 232
Chapter 23 Advanced Data Types and New Applications
Exercises 241
Chapter 24 Advanced Transaction Processing
Exercises 249
This volume is an instructor’s manual for the 4th edition of Database System Concepts
by Abraham Silberschatz, Henry F. Korth and S. Sudarshan. It contains answers to
the exercises at the end of each chapter of the book. Before providing answers to the
exercises for each chapter, we include a few remarks about the chapter. The nature of
these remarks vary. They include explanations of the inclusion or omission of certain
material, and remarks on how we teach the chapter in our own courses. The remarks
also include suggestions on material to skip if time is at a premium, and tips on
software and supplementary material that can be used for programming exercises.
Beginning with this edition, solutions for some problems have been made available on the Web. These problems have been marked with a “ * ” in the instructor’s
The Web home page of the book, at http://www.bell-labs.com/topic/books/db-book,
contains a variety of useful information, including up-to-date errata, online appendices describing the network data model, the hierarchical data model, and advanced
relational database design, and model course syllabi. We will periodically update the
page with supplementary material that may be of use to teachers and students.
We provide a mailing list through which users can communicate among themselves and with us. If you wish to be on the list, please send an email to
[email protected]
including your name, affiliation, title, and electronic mail address.
We would appreciate it if you would notify us of any errors or omissions in the
book, as well as in the instructor’s manual. Although we have tried to produce an
instructor’s manual which will aid all of the users of our book as much as possible,
there can always be improvements. These could include improved answers, additional questions, sample test questions, programming projects, suggestions on alternative orders of presentation of the material, additional references, and so on.