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Guts & Gears takes a look
at the men, machines,
and monsters of the Iron
Kingdoms. Read about what
it takes to be a warrior or
warbeast with one of the
many factions or look into
the mechanikal workings of
hulking warjacks and what
it takes to get these multiton constructs to dominate
the battlefield.
By Will Shick
Art by Mariusz Gandzel & David Kuo
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NO Quarter Magazine: GUTS & GEARS
Speech given to new Assault Corps recruits
by Master Golern Stonefist:
You’ve all come here to pledge yourself to
the assault corps of Great Clan Udo here at
Horgenhold. You think you deserve this honor
because you’re tough as a mountain and powerful
as an avalanche. Well I’m here to tell you that
right now you ain’t more than gobber dreck on the
bottom of my boot heel until you prove otherwise.
The right to serve one of the three toughest fighting
clans in Rhul isn’t given away; it’s earned through
sweat and blood.
By the time I’m done with you lot, those that are
left will be truly worthy members of this fortress,
this clan, and the assault corps. But first you are
going to have to prove yourself. You are going to go
through the worst hell you can imagine, then you’re
going to get up before dawn and do it all over again.
I’m going to put your oaths through the crucible
to see who’s comes out pure steel and whose only
pretending to be worth a damn.
We’re going to teach you how to fight with axe
and battle cannon all right, but that’s just to start.
An assault corpsman is much more than a mobile
weapons platform. He’s a living, breathing battering
ram ready to crush anything foolish enough to stand
against his pledged house. By the time I’m done
with you, you’ll be able to kill a charging gorax with
your little finger.
Dwarves and humans believe warjacks are the most
devastating weapons of war on the battlefield. Well,
in these halls, we know what a squad of the Assault
Corps can do to any six-ton pile of moving scrap.
I can see in your eyes that some of you think I’m
blowing smoke up your rear ends. You think this
old, mean-tempered sarge is just talking a big game
with nothing to back it up. Well, believe you me,
the only thing you’ll find up your asses for the next
eight weeks is my boot.
We’re going to kick things off easy, since despite my
better judgment, I think some of you out there might
just have what it takes to honor your new clan and
earn the respect of the Stone Lord Udo himself.
Everyone get up and grab those packs over there—
yeah, the big heavy ones. We’re going on a nice
little five-mile run up that hill over there and back.
Then we’re going to do it again and again until you
renounce your oath or dinner’s called. And dinner
doesn’t happen round here for at least four hours.
Run 8 miles in full kit (30
in less than an hour.
Flip a Grundback Gunner
its back a minimum of 5
Demonstrate perfect kno
of close-combat forms, inc
armed and unarmed.
Load and fire a minimum
of 3
battle cannon rounds per
while maintaining a marks
score of at least 75.
Coordinate fire with his
squad to
a score of 90 points.
Complete the 15-mile Ass
Corps obstacle course, wh
includes steamjack wrest
endurance challenges, and