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U. Padmaja, Lecturer in Chemistry, Holy Cross College for
Women BHEL, Hyderabad.
Gajendra Moksham….translation of Bammera Pothanas Bhagavatham.
This story is very significant one in Bhagavatham. It is very simple but the pleadings of
Gajendra touch our hearts and fill us with wonder that without referring to any name or form
he could describe so many aspects of indescribable ONE
Long ago, there was a big and mighty elephant which was proud of its strength. It was the
king of the thick forest on Trikuta Mountain having thousands of female elephants serving
him. On one hot day, he and his herd went to a big lake to quench their thirst. They got into
water, started playing drawing water with their trunks and splashing it all over, disturbing the
peace of the area. Even after other elephants climbed onto the bank, Gajendra continued with
merry making. Deep inside the lake, a big and powerful crocodile got angry with the
disturbance, came out and caught hold of the leg of the elephant Gajendra, being very strong,
tried to shake it off but crocodile was also strong and in water ,its strength proved to be more
than that of the elephant’s. So it started to drag the elephant into water while the elephant
tried to climb onto the bank dragging the crocodile out. Both were trying to outwit one
another and this tug of war went on for a long time. But the elephant started bleeding as the
jaws of the crocodile dug deep into the skin of the elephant. The more the elephant tried to
drag himself out, the deeper became the wound .This went on for thousand years and the
elephant started losing its strength although he continued to fight, it was losing battle. After a
long and strenuous struggle, Gajendra became weak and desperate and left without any hope
and help. As his energy was sapped out and his confidence, vigor and valor evaporated, he
started praying to God!
In this story Gajendra is personification of our ignorance (Tamasika Nature), after becoming
helpless after a long struggle, then only he remembered God.
ే జ ంచు జగ

ల పల నుండ
యందు ందుఁ బర
బవ ఁ డ
ెవ ఁడ

శ ర ఁ ెవ ఁడ మ ల ారణం
మధ లయ ఁ ెవ ఁడ సర మ ఁ

త భవ

శ ర

న ాఁ
ఁ ెద .
U. Padmaja, Lecturer in Chemistry, Holy Cross College for Women BHEL, Hyderabad.
U. Evvanichē janin̄chu jaga mevvanilōpala nuṇḍu līnamai
yevvaniyandu ḍindum̐baramēśvarum̐ ḍevvam̐ḍu mūlakāraṇaṁ
bevvam̐ḍanādi madhya layum̐ḍevvam̐ḍu sarvamum̐dāna yaina vām̐
ḍevvam̐ḍu vāni nātmabhavu nīśvaru nē śaraṇambu vēm̐ḍedan.
By whom this world is created, by whom it is maintained, in whom it will be dissolved and
who is the Lord of the creation and its root cause, who is the spectator of the beginning, being
and ending of these worlds, who encompasses everything, who is self sustaining and
sustainer of all, to that Lord, I pray for my rescue!
ఒకప జగమ ల
కప ల ప
ఁ నుచు నుభయమ ఁ

సకల ర ా యగ న
య కలంక
త మ ల న ఁ దలంత \ .
Ka. Okapari jagamulu veliniḍi
yokapari lōpalikim̐gonuchu nubhayamum̐dānai
sakalārtha sākṣhi yagu na
yyakalaṅkuni nāthmamūlu narthim̐dalantu\n.
I pray to that Lord, who gives out the worlds at one time and who can take them in at other
time and millions of years may pass in between. He is there before and after, these acts and
remains independent of all these happenings and witnesses them.
ల కంబ ల ల

ల కసుల ఁ ె నత
నల కంబగ

ఁకట కవ ల వ ఁడ
ల ఁగ నత
ంత \ .
Ka. Lōkambulu lōkēśulu
lōkasthulum̐ deginatudi nalōkambagu peṁ
jīm̐kaṭi kavvala nevvam̐ḍu
nēkākr̥ti velum̐gu nathani nē sēvintu\n.
U. Padmaja, Lecturer in Chemistry, Holy Cross College for Women BHEL, Hyderabad.
I praise the Lord, who can only be realised after passing through all the worlds, in its
inhabitants and their rulers, and after passing through a void which is a black hole. Beyond
that, he shines apart from these created worlds and existing vacuum.
భం ఁ బక గ
మ రల
వ ఁ
డ మ నుల