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edited by D. Rajagopal
Harper & Row, Publisherr
N e-w York (md E'I.'.mrton
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and instirucioru. :rnd the implicacions of his remarks are
profot.;nd :rnd far-n:aching
A few words occur here and :there in the te.:n--guTU,
stmnyari, puj aDd mantr,Wl--with which w~'te.rn r ':ldcrs
m~y Dot be. entirely iamiliar, and they an: therefore
bnefly ~l:uned here. A gum is :1 spirirual teacher;
sannyasr IS :1 monk who has taken the final vows of re­
nunciation according to Hindu rites; PUjll is the Hindu
rimal 'Worship; and a 1Jl1I1ltTIT171 is a sacred verse, hymn.
or ch:mt.
The Function of Educa' ·on
wonder if we have ever asked ourselves what eduC3­
tion means. Why do we go to school, why do we learn
various subjects, why do we pass t:'taminations and com­
pete with each other far better grades? What does this
so-called education mean. and what is it all about? This
is really a very important question, not only for the sol­
dents.. but also for the parents, for the teachen, and fl)f
everyone who loves this earth. 'Why do we go through
the struggle to be educated? Is it merely in order to pass
some examinations and gec a job? Or is it the function of
education to prepare us while we are young to under­
stand the whole process of life? Havmg a job and eam­
ing one's livelihood is necessary-but is that all? Arc we
bcing educated only for that? Surely. life is not merely
:\ job, an occupation; life is something extraOrdinarily
wide and profound. it is a great mystery, a vast realm in
which we function as human beings. ]f we merely pre­
pare ourselves to earn a livelihood, we shall miss the
whole point of life; IlOd to understand life is much more
imponaIlt than merely to prepare for exam.i.n:'ltions and
become very proficient in mathematics. physics, or WMt
you will.
So, "'hether we are teachers or stUdents, is it not im­
port11Ilt to ask ourselves why we are e ucaring OT being
I;.'ducaced? And what does life mean? Is not life an ex­
Tbink em These Tbingt
tr':1ordinary thing? The bU'd~, the flowers, the fiourishing
trees, the he:lvens, the stars, the rivers and the fish
th<.:.rcin-a!l this is life. Life is the poor and the rich; life is
the constant battle between group.c; races and nations;
life is meditation; life is what we call religion., IUld it is
slso the subtle hidden things of the mind-the envies, the
ambitions, the pllSSions, the fears. fulfiImen[5 and Jm:.
it:ties. All this and much more is life. But we generally
prepare ourselves to understan only one smaIl corner of
it. We pllSS cernUn Cy.aminarions, find a job, get m!il:Iied,
have children, and then become mare and more like m ­
chines.. We remain fearful. anxious, frightened of life.
So is -t the function of education to help us underst:md
the whole process of life, or is it merely to prepare us
for a vocation, fOI the best job we can get?
'Vhat is going to happen f all of us when we grow to
be men and women? Have you ever asked yourselves
\'ha!: you are going to do when you grow up? In :>11
likelihood you will get married, and before yeo know
where you arc you will be mothers and fathers; and you
will then be tied to a job or to the kitchen., in which
you will graduilly witber away. Is that all that your life
i~ going to bt!? Have you ever asked your.;elves this
qUt~c;tion? Should you not ask it:? If your family is
wealthy you may have a fairly good pmition already ;lS~
sured, your father may glVe you a comfortable job, or
you may get richly mnrried. but there also you will
dec"", deteriorate. Do vou seer
Su'rely, education ~ no meaning unless "t he!ps yon
to understand the '-a>"'t e..'l:p:msc of life with all its sub­
~lecics, _with itS extraordinary beauey, its sorrows nnd
1(l~ry;. 'iou m:!y earn degrees, you may have a series of
letters afrer your name and land a very good job; bur
then w~at? \:vhat is the point of it all if in the proce.ss
yow: mind becomes dull., weary. stupid? Sr., while yau
are young, mum: you nor seck to find out wh:u life is :ill
Tbt? Ftm.::h071 of Education
about? And is it not the true function of education
culti·,:1te in you the intelligence which will try to find
the answer to :ill these problems? Do you know what in­
tclligenct! is? It is the capacity, surely. to think freely,
without fear without a fonnul;. so that you begin to
discover for yourself what is real. what is true; but if
you are frightened you will never be intelligent. Any
.form of ambition, spiritual or mundane, breeds anxiety,
fear; therefore ambition does not help to bring about a
mind that is clear, simple, direct. and hence intelligent.
You know, it is really very impOrtUlt while you are