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Praise for the Shiva Trilogy
‘Amish’s mythical imagination mines the past and taps into the possibilities of the future. His book series, archetypal and stirring,
unfolds the deepest recesses of the soul as well as our collective consciousness.’
– Deepak Chopra, world-renowned spiritual guru and
bestselling author
‘Amish is a fresh new voice in Indian writing – steeped in myth and history, with a fine eye for detail and a compelling narrative style.’
– Shashi Tharoor, Minister of State in the Indian government
and celebrated author
‘Furious action jumps off every page.’
– Anil Dharker, renowned j ournalist and author
‘Tripathi’s Shiva Trilogy is already being touted as India’s Lord of the Rings.’
– Hindustan Times
‘…Amish has mastered the art of gathering, interpreting and presenting India’s many myths, folklores and legends, and blending all of
that into fast-paced thrillers that change your views about gods, cultures, histories, demons and heroes, forever.’
– Hi Blitz
‘Amish’s Shiva Trilogy has a refreshing storyline… The narration forces you to impatiently turn the page to know what secret is going
to be revealed about the “Neelkanth” next.’
– The Telegraph
‘It’s a labour of love... Amish also humanizes his characters, something which most popular Indian writers fail miserably at.’
– Mint
‘Amish’s philosophy of tolerance, his understanding of mythology and his avowed admiration for Shiva are evident in his best-selling
– Verve
‘Tripathi is part of an emerging band of authors who have taken up mythology and history in a big way, translating bare facts into
delicious stories.’
– The New Indian Express
‘[Amish] has combined his love for history, philosophy and mythology into a racy fictional narrative which depicts Lord Shiva as a
Tibetan tribal leader.’
– The Pioneer
‘Tripathi’s approach to storytelling is contemporary and urban which is one of the main draws of the books. Though the story is
fictional, its characters and historical depictions are factual […].’
– Harper’s Bazaar
‘[Amish] does a matchless job of bringing Shiva’s legacy into a character who inhabited the earth.’
– The Sentinel
‘The Shiva Trilogy is a racy mytho-thriller with a masala twist, like Amar Chitra Katha on steroids.’
– Rashmi Bansal, bestselling author of Stay Hungry Stay
Praise for The Immorta ls of Meluha
‘I was blown away with the world of Meluha and riveted by Amish’s creation of it.’
– Karan Johar, renowned filmmaker
‘Shiva rocks. Just how much Shiva rocks the imagination is made grandiosely obvious in The Immortals of Meluha. […] Shiva’s
journey from cool dude […] to Mahadev […] is a reader’s delight. […] What really engages is the author’s crafting of Shiva, with almost
boy-worship joy.’
– The Times of India
‘The Immortals of Meluha […] sees Lord Shiva and his intriguing life with a refreshing perspective. […] Beautifully written creation.
[…] Simply unputdownable for any lover of Indian history and mythology.’
– Society
‘The story [in The Immortals of Meluha] is gripping and well-paced. An essentially mythological story written in a modern style, the
novel creates anticipation in the reader’s mind and compels one to read with great curiosity till the end.’
– Business World
‘[The Immortals of Meluha is] amongst the top 5 books recommended by Brunch... the story is fascinating.’
– Hindustan Times
‘[The Immortals of Meluha] has philosophy as its underlying theme but is racy enough to give its readers the adventure of a lifetime.’
– The Hindu
‘[The Immortals of Meluha is a] wonderful book, replete with action, love and adventure, and extolling virtues and principles... The
author has succeeded in making many mythological characters into simple flesh and blood human beings, and therein lie(s) the beauty
and the acceptability of this book.’
– The Afternoon
‘The author takes myth and contemporises it, raising questions about all that we hold true and familiar. The book is a marvellous
attempt to create fiction from folklore, religion and archaeological facts.’
– People
‘…The Immortals of Meluha is a political commentary with messages for our world and a hope that since they flow from the
Mahadev himself, they will find greater acceptance. Be it the interpretation of Shiva’s battle cry – Har Har Mahadev as Every man a
Mahadev or the valour of Sati who fights her own battles – every passage is rich in meaning, and yet, open to interpretation. Therein lies
the strength of this book.’
– Indiareads.com
‘Following the amazing success of the first book, one has to admit that Amish has managed to touch a very popular nerve […].’
– Deccan Chronicle
Praise for The Secret of the N a g a s
‘With his book, the second part of the Shiva trilogy [The Secret of the Nagas], [Amish] seems to be taking a walk in [Dan] Brown’s
– Hindustan Times
‘In The Secret of the Nagas, the author tells the story well, tying up seemingly loose ends and tangents into a tight plot.’
– The Sunday Guardian
‘[…] a gripping tale that combines lots of action with deep yet accessible philosophy. Amish does not disappoint. […] The Secret of the
Nagas is furiously packed with action and intrigue and leaves the reader guessing.’
– Outlook
‘…the book has it all – philosophies, spiritual messages, secrets, battles and mysteries.’
– The Indian Express
‘It’s clear that [The Secret of the Nagas] has struck a chord with Indian readers.’
– The Hindu
‘Amish Tripathi retained his Midas touch with The Secret of the Nagas.’
– Deccan Herald
‘The Secret of the Nagas is impressive in its conception... Tripathi is an excellent storyteller.’
‘The moment you start reading [The Secret of the Nagas], you are sucked into the adrenaline-pumping ride through the enigmatic
landscape populated by a host of [characters].’
– Alive
‘Few books on history and mythology have an element that makes you think beyond the printed word. The Secret of the Nagas,
Amish Tripathi’s second book of the Shiva Trilogy, does that.’
– Herald, Goa
The Oath of the
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