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Unbound prayer is really between you and the Lord. Freedom comes when you
engage Neal Lozano’s five keys intentionally under the guidance of the Holy
Spirit. More important, when the keys become a normal, regular part of your
Christian practice, then you can move forward with ever-growing freedom, ever
deeper conversion and conformity to Christ.
It’s not essential that you meet with someone for ministry or that you get a
particularly anointed leader to pray with you. However, you may want to schedule
a private appointment with a trained prayer leader at some point, because it can
be very helpful to talk through your story with someone who has experience in
listening and applying the keys with discernment and skill.
So, what does an Unbound appointment look like? Unbound ministry starts with
your story. After this time of listening, the prayer leader helps you connect your
Little Story with the Big Story of God’s plan for your life. Many people experience
this as a time of revelation, in which they recognize how they have accepted
Satan’s deception leading to bondage. At the same time, they understand in a
new way the truth that sets them free.
Next the prayer leader coaches you in praying the five keys in depth: repentance
& faith, forgiveness, renunciation, authority, and blessing. You apply each key to
the specifics of your narrative, and step by step, by the grace of God, you take
back your power and unlock your life, opening up areas once blocked from
blessing to the love of the Father.
During the final key, other team members present will join with the leader to
pray into these areas, offering encouragement from the Father’s heart.
The ministry is gentle, confidential, and focused on the work that you want to
do in a 1 1/2 to 2 hr. appointment. This ministry is not meant to be ongoing, but
rather an opportunity to receive some insight and coaching, so that you gain
confidence in using the five keys to win ongoing spiritual victories.
If you do not have a local Unbound team, contact Heart of the Father Ministries;
they may be able to match you up with a group in your geographical area. If
nothing is available near you, consider using the training materials found on
Heart of the Father’s website: www.heartofthefather.com. Then seek out others
willing to learn this model of ministry and pray with each other!
Key 1 - Repentance and Faith
In Key 1, you express the decision to turn from sin and then you surrender
to Christ, perhaps for the first time, or as a re-commitment. You bring the
particular areas of challenge under the lordship of Jesus, asking for insight into
the roots of your bondage.
Most significantly, you make a decision to trust and hope that Jesus can and
wants to set you free and heal you.
Reflect on these questions to prepare a response to Key 1
Do you know Jesus personally? Would you like to know him better? How about
the Father? The Spirit?
Do you believe God loves you and wants good for you?
What came to your mind and memory as you heard the teaching on
Repentance & Faith?
Is there any sin in your life that you have not yet admitted to or confessed?
Sin that you justify or excuse? Sin habits you can’t break despite effort, prayer,
counseling, sacraments? Sin you have given up yet still feel vulnerable or
attached to?
Have you surrendered everything in your life to God? Is there something you’re
holding back?
What areas of your life feel blocked, stuck, or “un-free”?
Do you trust that God can and wants to set you free from whatever has kept
you bound?
Pray Key 1
Jesus offers forgiveness from the cross for every sin you’ve ever committed. If you
have already said you’re sorry, you can do it again, but this time, tell him that you
will agree with him that you are forgiven. Receive mercy!
Lord Jesus, I’m sorry for . . . . .
End: Please forgive me. I receive your mercy now.
Tell Jesus you believe in him and His love; you believe that he wants to help
you, especially with whatever is prompting you to pray at this moment. Give
these things to your loving Savior; let him take care of them.
Lord Jesus, I trust you with . . . .
End: I believe you can free me and make me whole. I surrender these things
to you now.
Key 2 - Forgiveness
In order to remove any obstacle to your freedom that has its source in
unforgiveness, you will now forgive specific people for specific injuries,
releasing them to the Father’s merciful judgment. In the process, you release
yourself from the chains of unforgiveness.
Reflect on these questions to prepare a response to Key 2
What are the significant injuries in your life (loss, hurt, humiliation, fear,
violence, etc.)?
Have you forgiven the people involved in those events? If you have, do you
need to go deeper?
Are you struggling to forgive? What blocks you? Which points in the talk
addressed your personal obstacles to real forgiveness?
If forgiving seems impossible, are you willing to believe that God can help me?
If you can’t be willing, can you at least ask God to work in your heart and
make you willing?
Pray Key 2
In the name of Jesus, I forgive ________for _______ when_______ and for all
the ways this affected me.
End: I release all these debts to God, the just and merciful judge.
Keys 3 & 4 - Renunciation and Authority
To reject evil wholeheartedly, you must first recognize the truth that Satan’s
promises are truly, empty. Nothing can make you happy or safe but God’s will.
Next, you have to renounce evil. Renunciation means saying a firm “No” to all
the ways that the enemy works to destroy you, starting with the lies he’s sold you
about who you are and what you were made for. Stand firm and choose life!
Reflect on these questions to prepare a response to Keys 3 & 4